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70+ hours into this game and my perfectionist-unable-to-focus ass brain finally could complete the game!! If there's one thing you need to play this is precisely that, to be focused, it gets crazy. But the time I've invested on it speaks for how much I liked it

Thanks a bunch Chunder, fantastic game!! 


This game is absolutely FANTASTIC. 

Everything from the gameplay, visuals, sound, music, sense of humour, sense of fun, menu design, hitbox visability, to the background customizability, is hitting the nail on the head- HARD. 

This game was made with plenty of love by a real shmup guru.

Only two things I would change- add a "brake/slow down movement" control button for micro dodging, and it's such a great game that I WANT MORE of this stuff. DLC, sequel, whatever- please, please with hazlenut whipped cream on top.



Please bring this to Steam / Deck. This is prime on the go Shmup'ing on the platform!

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This game is really cute. Just finished it on the Switch! As soon as I saw the cute art style and the protag being a witch I just knew this is a game for me! Great work!

1CC with Type-B! Thanks for making this, I had a ton of fun pecking at it over the last few months.


love this game, got 20+hrs in and got a normal mode 1CC!

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Please bring this to Steam as well. I gladly bought it on but would also love to feature it on my curator page once you release on Steam!


saw this game via jaimers on youtube and my god this game is adorable, i adore the art style <3


I got this on the switch. I'm having a lot of fun with it. There should be more horizontal shmups.


will this be on steam?


haven't ruled out the possibility, but no plans currently. If getting it on itch is an obstacle for any reason, it's also available on

I appreciate the gesture. I do hope you'll bring this to Steam though. I'll certainly be waiting.


tribvtes from germany i will play it as soon ill get my balance up . wish more shmups omn the way. came here from The Eletric Underground the most underrated channel on YT


Had a lot of fun with the game. I actually ended up streaming the full game. I hope to see more from you in the future. Can't praise this game enough.

Video Below is the Full Game..So there are Spoilers.

I have not stopped playing since the game was released and I finally 1CCed it in normal mode, scored 2 778 450 :

The game is very fun, everything is on point from the technical, art and music to the gameplay and content features. Not sure I'll try in moderate mode but I appreciate the mode exists either way.

Thanks for making the game!

I love the colors ! :)

A great bullet hell cute 'em up with a funny plot, great graphical style and music .Worth buying. Hope it does well on the switch too as that seems to be where alot of players buy their shmups at the moment.


This game is so freaking fun to play!!!!!!!!! The art style is extremely charming (IT ALL LOOKS SO GOOD), characters and writing's super fun (Vivian favorite design but they're all pretty close to the top), music is FANTASTIC (AAAAAAAAAA), and overall it's just a very fun experience........!! The attention to detail in the production value is so freaking good.......

AND FRANKLY EVERY ENEMY HAVING A PUN NAME IS TOO PERFECT; puns, especially bad ones, are the best jokes in existence......... I wish Omega 3 Batty Acid were real but the very simple "Ice Crispy" is my favorite otherwise. They're a perfect creation. The ultimate lifeform.

THANK YOU FOR THE GAAAAAME!!!! Now to 1cc it..... (probably never but maybe less than 5cc one day)

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(This isn't actually below 5cc but don't worry about it) 1cc one day........ (final boss and stage 4 are so tricky aaaa)

Can't wait to save brekky! 


Winners don't skip breakfast!